Trump says he’ll bring back ‘travel ban’ if re-elected to avoid ‘same fate’ as France

Former President Donald Trump said during a Friday speech in Iowa that he would reinstate a travel ban to prevent riots like those in France from happening. […]

NOAA throws cold water on media hysteria over Earth’s ‘three hottest days on record’

Numerous corporate media outlets drove the narrative that July 3-5 was the hottest 72-hour stretch ever on record, citing a computer mo from the University of Maine […]

RFK Jr. torches Biden for handing ‘horrific’ cluster munitions to Ukraine

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. blasted the Biden administration Friday following an announcement that the Department of Defense would transfer cluster munitions to Ukraine. The […]

‘Bidenomics is baloney’: Former Trump admin official reacts to ‘soggy’ jobs report

Fox Business host Larry Kudlow ripped President Joe Biden over the June jobs report, calling “Bidenomics,” the term President Joe Biden embraced for his economic policies, “baloney.” […]

‘Virtually impossible’: Janet Yellen says United States not seeking to ‘decouple’ from China

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Friday the United States was not seeking to “decouple” its economy from China, despite calls from some Republicans to do so. “The […]

Youngkin admin takes down LGBT resources, ‘queer’ chat service for kids

Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s office quietly removed LGBTQ youth resources that included a link to an LGBTQ chat space for minors from the state’s public health […]

Tucker Carlson reveals why he thinks the Biden admin won’t release JFK assassination docs

Tucker Carlson said Friday that the Biden administration won’t release documents about the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy because it “implicates not individuals, but institutions.” […]

In another reversal, White House approves widely banned weapon for Ukraine despite heightened danger to civilians

The Biden administration on Friday announced plans to provide cluster munitions for Ukraine as changing battlefield conditions prompted yet another reversal over sending weapons once deemed too […]

Mysterious investors behind $1 billion land purchase near key Air Force base

The Air Force is investigating nearly $1 billion in mysterious land purchases near a key California Air Force base, but after eight months of ing has been […]

One-third of blue city’s residents consider fleeing amid crime, homelessness crisis

Many Seattle residents are considering leaving the state due to increased home prices and public safety concerns, according to a recent poll conducted by The Seattle Times […]

Groundbreaking tooth regrowing drug ‘to begin human trials next year’: ‘Every dentist’s dream’

A miracle drug out of Japan evidently has the potential to grow a new set of teeth in adults who don’t have them due to “congenital factors” […]

‘Behavior conveys guilt’: GOP shreds Biden for ‘naked attempt’ to try and bury damning Afghan report

President Biden is being eviscerated by Republicans over his administration’s evident burying of a scathing report from the State Department concerning the catastrophic Afghanistan withdrawal ahead of […]

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