Trump ally Jason Miller detained following CPAC in Brazil for ‘anti-democratic activity’

Former Trump aide and Gettr CEO Jason Miller was detained for three hours in Brazil on Tuesday as he was leaving the country after speaking at the […]

‘No fun’ Fauci pushes for more mandates in response to packed college football games

Dr. Anthony Fauci wasted little time pushing back against the fun on display during the opening weekend of college football. In what essentially served as a middle […]

Helpless employees look on as shoplifters stroll out of Lowe’s with loaded carts

Theft no longer carries any risk with it, at least not in predominately Democrat-run states and cities. Recent months have seen an uptick in shoplifting in some […]

Poll shows staggering divide in America over workplace vaccine mandates

As Covid-19 numbers came in, they have revealed a massive political divide on the issue of workplace vaccine mandates. Nearly 11,000 people died of Covid-19 last week, […]

Bail fund promoted by Kamala Harris set free alleged domestic abuser who’s now charged with murder

A suspect who was bailed out of jail by a fund touted by then-vice presidential running mate Kamala Harris and other members of President Joe Biden’s 2020 […]

‘Praise, God’: Schumer falsely claims all Americans who ‘wanted to get out’ of Afghanistan got out

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer said in an interview clip posted online that all Americans who “wanted” to get out of Afghanistan have been evacuated despite interviews […]

Matt Walsh throws kerosene on raging fire when female reporter says she was ‘all kinds of violated’

WTOC sports director Lyndsey Gough has stirred one helluva controversy over a live hit she was attempting to do on Saturday during a college football matchup between […]

On cusp of statue removal, AP shares a wee bit of history about Gen. Robert E. Lee and the left loses it

The iconic and historic statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia is slated to be torn down on Wednesday and the Associated Press shared […]

Blinken says Biden admin will get around to vetting Afghan refugees ‘on the back end’

As American citizens and their families remain stranded in Afghanistan, the Biden administration has announced that it will eventually get around to vetting the tens of thousands […]

‘Absolute nonsense’: State Dept accused of trying to steal credit for rescue of American family

Top-level State Department officials claimed Monday the United States “facilitated the safe departure of four US citizens by overland route from Afghanistan. Embassy staff was present upon […]

Calif. Board of Education faces lawsuit over ‘ethnic curriculum’ that includes prayer to Aztec gods

The California Board of Education is facing a lawsuit over a proposal to include “ethnic studies” in new curriculum that reportedly requires students to pray to the […]

Rutgers University reportedly blocks student from VIRTUAL classes over vaccination status

A New Jersey man named Logan Hollar is claiming that he has been barred from taking virtual classes and studying remotely at home as a student of […]

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