Dennis Prager: Cui bono? Who benefits from the Afghanistan withdrawal?

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. How does a leader decide what to do? The most logical response is: “Cui bono?” — […]

Biden admin pledges to forgive 1.1 billion in student loan debt, and it’s just the beginning

The Biden administration has pledged to cancel $1.1 billion in student loan debt for around 115,000 borrowers who attended the now-defunct ITT Technical Institute. The Dept. of […]

Judge orders hospital to give Ivermectin to COVID patient; Rand Paul says ‘hatred for Trump’ blocking research

An Ohio judge has ordered a COVID patient to be treated with a drug called Ivermectin which has been reportedly effective in treating the virus though Senator […]

Trump slams ‘feeble-brained withdrawal’; Sen. Barrasso details $85B in military hardware left to Taliban

There are many shameful chapters to President Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, from the president yielding to the Taliban to leaving U.S. military service dogs behind, […]

DeSantis follows through, withholds salaries from rogue school boards over mask mandates

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has followed through on his threat to withhold the salaries of rogue school boards that seek to force students to wear masks in […]

Monumental effort underway to rescue over 50 ‘brave’ US military dogs stranded in Afghanistan

A non-profit group is working diligently to rescue dozens of U.S. military working dogs abandoned at the Hamid Karzai International Airport on Monday as the war in […]

EU opens floodgates for countries to start banning American tourists. Will any of them follow?

Sebastian Hughes, DCNF The U.S. was taken off the European Union’s safe travel list on Monday, with the international body recommending its 27 nations to reenact restrictions […]

‘A lot of heartbreak’ as US military leaves Kabul, hundreds left behind ‘afraid and feeling abandoned’

After 20-plus years, the United States officially ended its military involvement in Afghanistan on Monday on the arbitrary deadline set by President Joe Biden, and while the […]

Blinken shirks questions, walks away after announcing ‘small number of Americans’ left in Afghanistan

Secretary of State Antony Blinken gave a press briefing following the last of U.S. troops and diplomats being pulled out of Afghanistan and, as he finished, he […]

Video: Taliban fighters in stolen US military gear reportedly check out Chinook helicopters left behind

Ailan Evans, DCNF A video posted on Twitter shows Taliban fighters wearing stolen U.S. military gear walking around a hangar at the now-abandoned Kabul airport. The video, recorded […]