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Proud of herself, Maxine Waters spit out MSNBC rant to pat herself on the back: ‘Aunty Maxine is here’

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California Rep. Maxine Waters, a high-powered Democrat who chairs the House Financial Services Committee, appeared on MSNBC after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin’s conviction Tuesday for a victory lap.

Not only did Waters get her desired verdict in Chauvin’s trial, but she also got a pass from all of her Democrat colleagues for the dangerous, incendiary remarks she’d made at a “protest” over the weekend in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

Speaking on MSNBC after both events, she sounded proud of herself.

I’m pleased that I feel strong enough and able enough to go out with the young people to say Aunty Maxine is here, and I support you, and I want you to be activists,” she said.

She added how pleased she also was that, despite the backlash that her rhetoric had provoked, her colleagues ultimately “stood up with me today.”

[Republicans] put me out for censure because of my visit to Minneapolis and my colleagues stood with me, and they voted to table the motion that was put up to censure me because the Republicans love to use me as a target,”  she said.


(Video: MSNBC)

Speaking last Saturday at a “protest” for Daunte Wright, a criminal suspect who’d been fatally shot earlier this month while resisting arrest, Waters urged the “protesters” to ignore the city’s 11:00 pm curfew. She also encouraged them to “get more active” and “make sure that they know that we mean business” unless they got what they wanted.

While she didn’t specify what she meant by “business,” anti-cop activists have a history of rioting, looting, arson, attacking the police, attacking bystanders and even killing people. A few short hours after her appearance in Brooklyn, two Minnesota National Guard members were fired at in an attempted drive-by shooting in nearby Minneapolis.

In response to Waters’ dangerous rhetoric, House Republicans sought to censure her Tuesday, yet every single Democrat voted against the censure.

Continuing her remarks on MSNBC, Waters tried to portray herself as the real victim.

The Republicans love use me as a target. They raise money on my back. That’s Maxine Waters, that black woman, who is so uppity, and who is someone we can’t control. You’ve got to make sure that I have enough money to keep her from getting reelected,” she said.

And I keep getting reelected, and these poor people, many of them retirees, they keep giving them their money. They don’t seem to understand they’re not going to get me out of office. I’m here until I decide to retire,” the lawmaker declared.

Waters represents California’s 43rd congressional district, an area so rundown that she doesn’t even live there herself. Instead she resides in a $6 million mansion in California’s congressional 37th district.

Yet residents of her district have been voting for her for 30 years straight — and despite the district reportedly suffering from a “crippling” poverty rate.

Waters’ remarks concluded with a defense of what she’d said at last weekend’s “protest.”

That’s what the civil rights movement was all about. It was about activism. It was about confrontation. A lot of people see that as being bad, and they try to turn my words into something about violence,” she claimed.

It’s not about violence. Martin Luther King was about nonviolence. I am nonviolent. Confrontation was used in the sit-ins, for the civil rights legislation, the marches, the prayers. All of that is confrontation,” she added.

The problem with her rhetoric is that the ongoing Black Lives Matter “protests” have been widely violent, particularly those linked to Chauvin.

Last week, left-wing extremists left a severed pig’s head outside the former home of one of his defense witnesses.

Meanwhile, multiple high-profile BLM figures vowed violence if Chauvin wasn’t ultimately convicted in the trial.

But all of this bad behavior is apparently OK to the modern Democrat Party which, as a reminder, had spent all of last summer raising bail money for arrested rioters.

The riots that Democrats supported last summer led to hundreds of buildings being vandalized/burnt, hundreds of police officers being injured and dozens of innocent people being killed.

Because Chauvin was convicted Tuesday, there was no repeat of last year’s riots, except for in Portland, Oregon, a far-left “utopia” where rioting is apparently part and parcel of the living experience there.

However, there were some “protests” here and there by BLM extremists who argued that “protests” must continue until America’s entire police force is abolished.

If America’s entire police force were abolished, it seems likely that all of America would become as “utopian” as Portland …

Vivek Saxena


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