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Chrissy Teigen joins long list of celebs, Dems, Biden campaign members donating to bail rioters out of jail

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Members of the political left, from Hollywood celebrities to staff members of presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign, have begun contributing money to help bail out the rioters responsible for vandalizing police cruisers, burning down businesses, and destroying lives.

The money is being funneled to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a nonprofit that collects donations to pay off the bail of criminal suspects.

In a tweet posted early Sunday evening, virulently anti-Trump celebrity Chrissy Teigen vowed to contribute $100,000 to bailing out rioters, though she didn’t specifically cite the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

Look (*Language warning):

But it’s not clear whether she was just talking the talk.

Plenty of other celebrities have actually walked the walk by contributing amounts ranging from $50.00 to $1,000 directly to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.


The list of celebrities donating to the fund is too long to publish. Conversely, the list of celebrities who’ve donated to devastated business owners like Korboi Balla — a black Minneapolis firefighter whose bar was burnt to a crisp by rioters — is awfully short, as in not a single celebrity is known to have donated to Balla or any other business owner.

It’s as if they don’t give a damn about the people who are actually suffering. And apparently, this apathy extends to Joe Biden’s campaign as well.

“At least 13 Biden campaign staff members posted on Twitter on Friday and Saturday that they made donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund,” Reuters reported.

In a statement, a Biden campaign spokesperson seemed to express solitude with the staff members, telling Reuters that the former VP himself views cash bail as a “modern day debtors prison.”

As is the case with celebrities, there’s no record of Biden or anyone associated with him donating to business owners like Balla.

Instead, Biden and his Hollywood groupies are donating to — and thus “condoning and financially supporting” — the “mayhem that’s destroying businesses & ruining people’s life work,” as noted by President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign director of communications, Tim Murtaugh:

He’s not the only one who’s spoken out against this rush by members of the left to bless the lives of the wicked. So have countless others.


But no matter how much the righteous shriek, the left isn’t listening. The fact is that members of the left don’t care about Balla, just like they don’t care about Stephanie Wilford, a disabled Minneapolis woman who’s hurting.

“I have nowhere to go now [because so many businesses have been destroyed],” she cried in agony during an interview Saturday with local station KSTP.

“I have no way to get there now because the buses aren’t running. These people did this for no reason. It’s not going to bring George back here. George is in a better place than we are. And last night – I’m going to be honest – I wish I was where George was because this is ridiculous. These people are tearing up our livelihoods.”

Listen (disable your adblocker if the video doesn’t appear):

But you won’t hear a single peep about her from celebrities like Teigen, politicians like Biden or anyone in the national media.

Vivek Saxena


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