Liz Cheney spox challenges Rep. Matt Gaetz’s manhood: Not a good look, Lizzy!

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., was a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump and his pro-America agenda, and shares a similar trait in that he is willing […]

Biden draws ire for throwing up hands on virus: ‘He never had a plan’

After about a year of Democrats blaming and Monday morning quarterbacking President Donald Trump for either doing too much or not enough in response to the COVID-19 […]

Rudy Giuliani hits back after Dominion Voting files $1.3 billion lawsuit against him

Dominion Voting Systems announced Monday that they are officially suing Rudy Giuliani for $1.3 billion in damages for allegedly making false claims about the company during the […]

Biden uses kindergarten-style ‘theme days’ to roll out sea of exec orders

President Joe Biden’s flurry of executive actions taken during his first day in office was apparently just a warm-up: He plans to issue several more, and each […]

Biden’s gun control proposal won’t be enforceable without a national firearms registry: Report

A key gun control proposal President Joe Biden campaigned on will not be enforceable without the enactment of a national database, according to Breitbart News’ firearms correspondent […]

Ted Cruz grows bored with Seth Rogen mud fight, puts brutal end to days-long feud with kill shot

At this stage of the game, it might be fair to ask if actor Seth Rogen is into bondage and discipline, because the more he gets spanked […]

Biden signs order reversing Trump-imposed ban on transgenders serving in military

President Joe Biden signed an order on Monday lifting the ban on transgenders being able to serve in the U.S. military, reversing another policy implemented by his […]

As Newsom lifts lockdown, L.A. Times links recall effort to far-right extremists

In a transparent attempt to throw Gavin Newsom a lifeline, the liberal Los Angeles Times claims that the grassroots effort to recall the Democrat governor is allied […]

Chuck Todd calls out Biden’s bogus vaccine rollout claims, corners chief of staff

Chuck Todd corners Biden’s chief of staff on vaccine rollout ‘contradiction’ NBC’s Chuck Todd on Meet the Press put White House Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, on […]

Triggered: gun store hilariously announces they ‘don’t have guns or ammo for Biden supporters’

Following the inauguration ceremony ushering in Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States, Trigger Firearms And Reloading in Jefferson City, Missouri released a statement […]

Hawley turns tables, demands ethic probe of Dems accusing him of inciting Capitol riot

Hawley pays back Dems, demands ethics probe of those who filed complaints against him, Cruz GOP Sen. Josh Hawley is calling for an ethics probe into several […]

Anti-drug laws are racist: Wiener calls for decriminalization of hardcore drugs

California Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) vowed some time ago that he would “decriminalize all drug use” step by step with the introduction of several bills at […]

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