Joe Biden’s disastrous shadow coronavirus briefing: ‘When teleprompter stops working he’s a train wreck’

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden was mocked after suffering a major brain freeze when his teleprompter malfunctioned during a shadow coronavirus briefing. Biden stammered and lost his […]

‘Dems are lying’: Crenshaw blows up ‘no oversight’ claim and other lies holding up COVID-19 relief

Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, the former Navy Seal who lost his right eye in combat operations in Afghanistan, offered what may very well be the only explanation […]

Virginia gov closes schools for rest of year, shuts down nonessential businesses, restaurant seating

Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF The governor of Virginia shut down the state’s schools until the end of the school year and nonessential businesses for the next 30 […]

CDC: Coronavirus lived up to 17 days in cruise ship cabins

Chuck Ross, DCNF Coronavirus was found on surfaces in the cabins of a Japanese cruise ship 17 days after passengers disembarked, according to a study from the […]

Elderly willing to take virus ‘bullet’ for grandkids’ future, we can’t ‘sacrifice the country,’ says Lt Gov Dan Patrick

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is willing to risk his own life in the midst of the coronavirus crisis if it means getting the country back on its feet […]

Abortion clinic defies coronavirus stop mandate, Ohio issues cease and desist order

Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) issued a cease and desist order Monday to a Cleveland abortion clinic that defied an order to […]

People want to know how Dems will justify $35M for Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in coronavirus stimulus bill

Of the many completely unrelated provisions in Nancy Pelosi’s “socialist wish list” bill that the House Speaker is demanding as ransom for the passage of emergency coronavirus […]

Ted Cruz GOES OFF on Senate floor; even Susan Collins lashed out at Dems’ disgraceful move

Sen. Ted Cruz unleashed a blistering rebuke of Democrats for blocking the coronavirus spending bill while Americans continue to die from the illness. The Texas Republican ripped […]

Outrage over bill overwhelms Americans: ‘I used to think #DemocratsHateAmerica was merely a derisive hashtag’

Having their very livelihoods taken away from them as a result of the response to the Chinese virus COVID-19, many Americans are hurting and are looking to […]

Leftists blame Trump after man dies ingesting toxic fish chemical to prevent coronavirus

In another illustration of the Darwin Awards, a 60-something man has died and his wife was hospitalized after self-medicating with chloroquine phosphate — a toxic chemical used to […]

Dennis Prager: Suggestions to help you and help America in this difficult time

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Since we are all stuck at home for weeks, here are some suggestions to help you […]

Stephen Moore: $5 trillion down the drain

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone should read Robert Higgs’ economic classic “Crisis and […]