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‘Dems are lying’: Crenshaw blows up ‘no oversight’ claim and other lies holding up COVID-19 relief

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Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, the former Navy Seal who lost his right eye in combat operations in Afghanistan, offered what may very well be the only explanation for the inexplicable actions of Democrats to hold hostage desperately needed relief for the American people.

“Pure, bitter partisanship.”

One of the key talking points Democrats and their media enablers fell back on when Speaker Nancy Pelosi blew up a bipartisan agreement in the works in the Senate late Sunday was that it included a $500 billion fund “slush fund” that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin would dole out with no oversight.

The provision was intended to provide assistance to hard-hit businesses and state and local governments, yet Democrats warned that Mnuchin would use the funding to bail out corporations of his choosing.

There were even far-reaching claims that some of this funding would be steered to the president’s own businesses.

Crenshaw addressed the oversight concern in a tweet, charging that Democrats “are lying.”

“This is the $500B provision Dems claim has ‘no oversight.’ Direct Lending Limitations: executive total compensation may not exceed $425,000; prohibition of stock buybacks during the duration of the loan; borrowers must maintain existing payroll as of March 13. Dems are lying,” he tweeted.

In a follow up tweet, Crenshaw also addressed claims that the funding would be used for stock buy backs and executive salaries.

“Dems are lying about the rescue bill,” the Republican lawmaker tweeted. “They say it’s a ‘slush fund.’ In reality, loans to big businesses PROHIBIT increases in executive pay and stock buy backs. It’s in the bill, clear as day. They don’t have real reasons for opposing this. This is pure, bitter partisanship.”

In the end, this campaign is the handiwork of hard-left progressives, who appear to have considerable sway over Pelosi’s actions.

In the furtherance of their class warfare agenda, which demonized corporations while claiming to be looking out for the working class, the speaker picked up on this talking point in offering her own coronavirus relief bill — which is outrageously full of pork completely unrelated to the pandemic.

“Democrats take responsibility for our workers,” Pelosi claimed while touting her bill. “We require that any corporation that takes taxpayer dollars must protect their workers’ wages and benefits — not CEO pay, stock buybacks or layoffs.”

Here is a sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

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