Seven Democrat candidates who support over-the-counter abortion drugs

Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF  Seven Democratic 2020 presidential candidates want to make the abortion drugs misoprostol and mifepristone available over the counter. The New York Times surveyed Democratic presidential […]

Here are the Obama-era operatives and former journos reportedly behind a covert propaganda outfit

Chris White, DCNF  Democratic operatives who worked for former President Barack Obama are spearheading websites designed to mimic journalism outfits in an effort to push liberal positions. […]

Ungrateful nation? Melania Trump booed at youth opioid awareness event, as POTUS donates salary to combat crisis

First lady Melania Trump was loudly booed on Tuesday as she was introduced to an audience reportedly comprised primarily of middle school and high school students. Mrs. […]

Obama reportedly having ‘wisdom’ chats with Dem contenders, one candidate he’d ‘speak up to stop’

Former President Barack Obama reportedly expressed that he “would speak up to stop” Sen. Bernie Sanders if it seemed he was “running away” with the 2020 Democratic nomination. The […]

Triggered DNC official can’t stop ranting about Tucker Carlson while on Fox to discuss election

DNC Vice Chair Michael Blake appeared Tuesday on Fox News to discuss the 2020 election and the Democrat launched a tirade against Tucker Carlson, suggesting that Carlson is […]

Testimony in Fla court reportedly alleges Ilhan Omar works as ‘Qatari asset’, sparks fierce rebuttal and debate

Rep. Ilhan Omar was accused of being recruited by a foreign government in testimony presented in a Florida court. The Minnesota Democrat was allegedly recruited and funded by […]

New DHS chief unloads on sanctuary cities: ‘They endanger communities…not protect them’

Jason Hopkins, DCNF Chad Wolf, recently appointed the acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) chief, appeared on “Fox & Friends” in his first television appearance since landing […]

Ana Navarro fumes over rising black Trump support, digs deep hole with ‘racist tweet’

Recent polling of President Donald Trump’s support among black registered voters is a worst nightmare scenario for the Democrat Party and may be a good indication of […]

Mark Steyn addresses AOC’s claim she never wants to hear term ‘free stuff,’ adds the missing caveat

Self-avowed socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., declared at a town hall she never wants to hear the term “free stuff” again in reference to giveaways from her party. […]

Robert De Niro rips immigrant Rupert Murdoch for not being American: ‘This is what he gave us?’

Robert De Niro has taken his hatred of President Donald Trump to another level as he turned a recent anti-immigrant attack on the founder of Fox News. […]

Bloomberg’s presidential run ‘over before it began.’ Decaffeinated campaign launch a total turnoff.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s first day on the campaign trail as a formal candidate for the 2020 Democrat nomination featured a stop at a coffee house in Virginia. […]

McCain won’t bash ‘uncle’ Lindsey Graham: ‘I can’t talk crap about him. I’m sorry’

Meghan McCain disagrees with some of the latest comments and actions by Sen. Lindsey Graham, but she just can’t “talk crap” about him. McCain told her co-hosts on […]