Taylor testifies Ukrainian President Zelensky told him, ‘The call was fine. I was happy with the call’

Democrats definitely did not put their best foot forward in the impeachment inquiry by making William Taylor, the former top diplomat in Ukraine, one of their first […]

Ratcliffe asks if Dems are calling Ukrainian president Zelensky a big liar: ‘Will 2 presidents be impeached?’

Rep. John Ratcliffe made the most of the 22 seconds of time he was allotted by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff. After being interrupted during his […]

‘Biggest tweet I ever had in my life’: Chuck Woolery shares how supporting Trump destroyed his career

Former game show host Chuck Woolery said openly supporting President Trump has destroyed his career — which speaks volumes about the state of America today. In an […]

Public complaint targets high school football coach, team for ‘illegal’ prayer

Angry atheists hellbent on interfering in other people’s activities are back for another round of complaints — and just in time for Christmas 2019. The Freedom from […]

Jordan on fire, real star of impeachment hearing: ‘I’ve seen church prayer chains easier to understand’

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan expressed the same shock at Wednesday’s impeachment inquiry hearing that no doubt many Americans are feeling as they watch this political theater play […]

Schiff blatantly denies knowing who whistleblower is; actor Randy Quaid has a serious question on that

Actor Randy Quaid echoed the question on many people’s minds as he watched House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff essentially contradict himself. Quaid, known for his iconic role as […]

Hearing erupts when Schiff interrupts GOP to change rules mid-hearing

After waiting all morning for an opportunity to question acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor, House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., interrupted Republicans to […]

Trump admin wants to deny work permits to migrants who entered the US illegally

Jason Hopkins, DCNF The Trump administration is proposing a new rule that, if implemented, would make asylum seekers ineligible for work permits if they entered the U.S. […]

‘Heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend’ witness hypes another NEW Trump phone call

Despite Democrats committing themselves fully to the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s alleged attempt to get the Ukrainian government to investigate a political rival — Joe […]

That look on Schiff’s face when Republicans slip in very embarrassing questions directed at him

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee had his hands full right out of the gate in Wednesday’s dog and pony impeachment show trial, […]

Nunes congratulates witnesses for making Schiff’s casting cut, reminds everyone of nude pictures

California Congressman Devin Nunes held nothing back when speaking at the first public hearing in the impeachment inquiry on Wednesday. The Republican lawmaker called out the impeachment […]

The Young Turks officially choose their socialist

The host and founder of the radically left-wing show known as “The Young Turks” has chosen to endorse the most radical Democrat running in the 2020 presidential […]

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