Watch vegans storm pizza joint to protest … one gets punched in the face

A group of rabid “animal liberation” activists found themselves up against an equally passionate pizza enthusiast in a British Pizza Express eatery Sunday night. One of the […]

Dem House Intel member: If Trump wants to act like a gangster, we’ll treat him like one

A Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee suggested treating President Donald Trump like a “gangster” in light of the whistleblower controversy. Rep. André Carson bluntly referred […]

Stephen Moore: Stop scaring the children

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author.  A friend of mine’s third grade daughter came home from school a few weeks ago with […]

Judicial Watch: Obama State Dept knew about Hillary’s private email use

The State Department just released a previously-hidden email showing that the Obama administration was aware that Hillary Clinton had used a private email account on her unsecured email […]

Gutsy Kirstie Alley hangs tough: Trump has a right to face his accuser

Outspoken conservative Hollywood actress Kirstie Alley is adamant that President Donald Trump is wholly justified in seeking the identity of the infamous whistleblower. In tweets posted Monday […]

Hate-crime fake: Black girl who said white boys cut her dreads lied

It was a tragedy that incensed the nation —  a 12-year-old black girl in Northern Virginia claimed that three white boys held her down on a playground at a […]

Lou Dobbs nancy pelosi gun control
Lou Dobbs: Pelosi, Schumer still want to work on gun control…after targeting Trump

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs blasted Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for claiming she wants to work with President Donald Trump — while shamelessly pushing the Democrats’ […]
Dig in! Scientists now say red meat does not increase cancer risk

Oh, those wacky scientists! Once again, the prevailing scientific advice is going to have to be retracted and reversed … this time following a landmark research study that […]

Big Brother Kamala: Kick Trump off Twitter to silence him after ‘treason’ tweet

Sen. Kamala Harris wants to silence President Trump because of his “irresponsible” use of words on Twitter. The California Democrat and 2020 presidential candidate called for the […]

Sen. GOP report on NRA-Russia conspiracy theory: ‘Meritless’ — Dems don’t buy it

The mainstream media have been peddling a Democrat-crafted conspiracy theory alleging that the National Rifle Association served as a “foreign asset” to Russia ahead of the 2016 presidential […]

AG Barr met with British, Italians to blow the lid off Obama officials spying on Trump

The Democratic Party’s renewed urgency to unseat President Donald Trump takes on a whole different meaning amid a report that Attorney General William Barr is indeed investigating […] and
Rush: John Brennan went to Ukraine with fake passport to dig dirt on Trump

On Monday, Rush Limbaugh made the jarring declaration that Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan, “traveled to Ukraine back in the time period around 2016 under a fake […]

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