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Watch vegans storm pizza joint to protest … one gets punched in the face

Screen capture … Unidentified UK pizza lover objects to vegans protesting his dinner … Credit: NY Post

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A group of rabid “animal liberation” activists found themselves up against an equally passionate pizza enthusiast in a British Pizza Express eatery Sunday night. One of the animal-rights demonstrators felt the wrath of the interrupted pizza patron, earning a solid right cross to the chops.

A group of about ten obnoxious opponents of carnivorous nutrition stormed the pizza joint in Brighton, led by one with a deafening megaphone. They lined up blocking the counter and carried signs, shouting slogans such as “Animals want to live,” “Animals feel pain,” and “It’s not food. It’s violence.”

One irate Pizza Express patron took particular exception to his dinner being interrupted. He got up and confronted the bullies, ordering them to leave. As they got up in his face, he clocked one as the video clearly shows.

Multiple employees held the man back as he angrily stood his ground and railed at the demonstrators.

Watch: ‘Animal rights activist, meet pizza enthusiast’ …

Video by DxE Brighton

Perhaps a more civilized and restrained response would have been for customers and employees to walk up to them eating the pepperonis off their pizza.

Seemingly, the only language insolent snowflakes understand is their own. In other words, bust a move and break the internet, such as what happened last year in Canada when a restaurant owner owned the animal rights miscreants who had been picketing outside his business for several days.

He decided to cut up a fresh deer leg in front of a window where they could see him, and then eat a seared steak by the window. They called the police who reportedly went into the restaurant and did little more than laugh at the protesters outside.

It seems whatever the cause leftists choose to protest, it’s secondary to the goal of simply getting attention and antagonizing others. In this pizzeria’s case, even other vegans find self-righteous activism counterproductive.

Victor Rantala


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