Roseanne Barr’s son breaks silence: My mother is still not working, still not forgiven and I want to know why

Roseanne Barr’s son stepped forward this week and delivered an epic rant about what his mother has been through over the last year after her tweet about […]

‘Code Pink’ occupies Venezuela embassy, Venezuelans ridicule them for supporting tyrant Maduro

The radical leftist Code Pink organization has been squatting in and around the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, D.C., for weeks. In recent days, they have taken to […]

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes invents wild theory on why Obama’s economy performed so poorly. You’ll want to grab popcorn.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes, a self-described “journalist” who’s often compared to notorious conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow, speculated Saturday that former President Barack Hussein Obama’s economy didn’t perform […]

CNN faces harsh new reality: You’re more likely to know a prostitute than a primetime CNN viewer, Newsbusters reports

CNN is tasting the fruits of its anti-Trump labors as the latest reports on ratings show the network seems to be on life support during its prime […]

Kamala Harris, desperate to stop Bill Barr from investigating, sends letter to special IG on Friday

Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris appears to believe that President Donald Trump pressured Attorney General Bill Barr to launch an investigation into the origins of the […]

Jenna Jameson celebrates one year mark on keto diet with 80 pound weight loss, new pics

“Today I celebrate 1 year of being #keto,” wrote former adult film star Jenna Jameson on Instagram. She has been using her social media accounts to document […]

Actor Zac Efron says white privilege is what allowed killer Ted Bundy to evade capture

Hollywood actor Zac Efron, who plays Ted Bundy in the just-released new film “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile,” believes that the notorious serial killer of young […]

Trump admin ends ‘illegal’ 2014 regulation allowing states to skim, divert home-care payments to unions

On Thursday, the Trump administration terminated a regulation implemented in 2014 by the Obama administration formalizing a practice by many states that skimmed payments meant for home […]

MSNBC praises ‘amazing’ children for skipping school every Friday to protest climate change

An MSNBC reporter praised a group of “amazing” students who were “championing” climate change with a movement that encourages skipping school once a week. In a report […] and
Tucker cheers on Snoop Dogg for fighting Farrakhan crackdown while conservative lawmakers do nothing

Friday night, Tucker Carlson posed the question conservatives have been asking for some time now … are the social media giants quashing free speech? This week, Facebook […]

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota seriously calls Louis Farrakhan a ‘far-right extremist’

The folks at CNN, which has a habitual tendency of getting nearly every aspect of the news wrong, appear to believe that anti-Semitic extremist Louis Farrakhan is […]

Defeated Bill Maher admits Trump and supporters are winning despite mid-term loss: ‘I feel owned now’

Bill Maher admits he feels “owned” by President Trump and his supporters. The HBO “Real Time” host told his audience Friday that the main mission of the president […]