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Hours after Clinton team bashed her, Donna Brazile returns fire. Opening shot: ‘go to Hell!’

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Hours after Hillary Clinton’s team castigated her, Donna Brazile fired back at her detractors in epic fashion.

The former chair of the Democrat National Committee appeared on “Face The Nation” on Sunday where she shot from the hip.

Host George Stephanopoulos asked her about her critics in the wake of excerpts in her new book that revealed that she considered replacing Hillary Clinton with former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2016 presidential election.

“For those who are telling me to shut up, they told Hillary that a couple of months ago,” she said. “You know what I tell them, ‘Go to hell.’ I’m going to tell my story.”

She said that she didn’t want to replace Clinton but she was “under tremendous pressure” after Clinton collapsed at a memorial service for the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorists attacks.

“I didn’t want to have a plan B. Plan A was great for me,” she said. “I supported Hillary and I wanted her to win, but we were under pressure.”

Brazile expressed her frustration in dealing with the Clinton campaign, which she referred to as “the high command of Brooklyn,” and said that, contrary to claims from the Clinton team, “this wasn’t a standard joint fundraising agreement. They had a separate memorandum of understanding and I needed to break that.”

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