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You know things are bad when ‘Thomas the Tank’ gets a PC, gender-neutral, U.N.-approved makeover!

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It is never too early to indoctrinate your children with United Nations approved, politically correct, propaganda, is it?

If you believe Mattel, the owners of “Thomas The Tank Engine,” the answer is no. The beloved children’s cartoon is set to revamp the show in accordance with U.N. guidelines, Variety reported.

To make the cartoon more politically correct, the show will usher out two male characters, Henry and Edward, to make way for Nia, an African female character, and Rebecca.

The pair join the show’s other female character Emily leaving the cast at four males and three females.

“Thomas and Friends” will also take the show on the road, with the characters travelling the globe in search of adventures.

Mattel got together with the U.N. on the changes in order to back the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals that include gender equality, sustainable cities and communities, quality education, life on land and responsible consumption and production, according to Variety.

The trains will become more environmentally friendly as a result.

“The original stories were told at a particular time and in a particular context,” Christopher Keenan, the executive producer at Mattel Creations, told Variety. “The world has changed so dramatically, and what parents want to instill in their children has evolved; being a global citizen is very much on parents’ minds. They see their kids as the global citizens of the future, which wasn’t the agenda 70 years ago.”

Global citizens? Where have we heard that before?

The changes were mocked by the panel of “Fox & Friends” on Sunday, except for Abby Huntsman who was happy to see more female characters on the show.

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Huntsman argued that the changes were “empowering to women,” while Pete Hegseth found the entire idea ridiculous and asked, tongue in cheek, if two females had to be added to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to balance them.

But it was David Webb who had the politically correct solution to all of it when he quipped “what if we let the trains self identify?”

The changes were equally mocked on social media.

Don’t give them ideas.

Carmine Sabia


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