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Miami HS ‘cheerleaders’ routine in sexy lingerie and garters is BEYOND inappropriate

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Stunning video has been released of high school “cheerleaders” performing in, what appears to be, lingerie.

The teen girls, who are reportedly from a Miami high school, are seen clad in lingerie-like outfits, boots and garters as they do their sexy dance routine. The group is likely a school flag corps or dance corps, despite the label on the viral clip.

The video, titled “Is This Appropriate? Miami High School Cheerleaders Dressed In Lingerie” was shared on the website flyheight.com and has been watched more than 10,000 times.

Many commenters were outraged at the display.

Image: Screenshot

“I’d never let my high school daughter out the house with that on! They parents should be ashamed,” one viewer wrote .

“This is terrible, borderline pedo,” another said.

Image: Screenshot

“I’m pretty much going to jail for assault and battery, child endangerment and disorderly conduct after I punch a couple administrators at the game,” user Teddy Lee said. “I’m also wondering how the f**k this got past the parents.”

“This is beyond inappropriate but I’m not surprised,” another wrote.

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