CNN host: God downgraded Hurricane Harvey to stick it to Trump

Trump Derangement Syndrome has reached epic levels at CNN.

On Saturday the host of the aptly named program “Smerconish,” Michael Smerconish, tweeted that he believed God had downgraded Hurricane Harvey to a Category 2 storm in order to allow the media to cover other news.

Namely, the resignation of Sebastian Gorka and the pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

“”Harvey” downgrade to Cat 2 – God responds to Friday night news dump,” he tweeted.

Smerconish reiterated that claim when he took to the airwaves at 9 a.m eastern on CNN.

“There was big news from the White House. A hat trick of headlines,” he said as he cited the Gorka resignation, Arpaio pardon and news that President Donald Trump signed an order that bans transgender people from serving in the military.

“All of that coming after 6 p.m. while the Texas coast braced for the landing of a, then, Category 4 hurricane,” Smerconish said.

“If it was a deliberate attempt to bury the news in a storm, well, God had other plans as I tweeted before sunrise,” the host said while showing his tweet.

[wpvideo 1skCm8YE]

The host was roasted on social media for his delusional assessment.

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Carmine Sabia


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