Ann Coulter branded a ‘flip-flopper’ for launching stinging tweetstorm directly at Trump

One of President Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters, Ann Coulter, is off the Trump train.

After the ouster of Steve Bannon as White House Chief Strategist, Coulter insinuated that President Trump gave in to the media and establishment types. According to her tweets, she believes Trump will replace Bannon with someone more mainstream.

Coulter supported Trump because he was an outsider. Getting rid of Bannon, who could arguably be classified as the ultimate outsider, didn’t sit well with her. To say the least.

But compared to Bannon, wouldn’t that be nearly everyone?

Coulter let it ALL out in a lengthy and biting tweetstorm:


And she gave the president advice about what he should do next.

But ultimately she believes the president made the move because he weakly cowered to the left.

She believes Bannon’s firing is a sign that the globalist agenda will succeed.

Those who support the president were not enamored with Coulter’s take.

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