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Is Jenna Jameson crushing on Ben Shapiro after he ‘destroyed’ The Young Turks’ head lib?

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Conservative journalist and pundit Ben Shapiro annihilated his liberal counterpart Cenk Uygur in a debate this weekend, and gained himself a sexy, new fan in the process.

On topics ranging from healthcare to finances to the Constitution itself, Shapiro schooled Uyger, the host and founder of “The Young Turks.”

One of his shining moments came at the start of the debate when Uyger argued for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders position on healthcare. A “Medicare for all” system that would give government absolute control over the industry.

“A couple of notes in response to ‘Medicare for all’ schtick, Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for all’ schtick, obviously: The problem with ‘Medicare for all’ is that when people say that it’s affordable is that it’s affordable to the person who has the Medicare; it is not affordable to the country. In fact, it is so unaffordable to the country that the state of California, a nut-job leftist state, just refused to pass Medicare for all because it would have immediately doubled the debt,” he said.

“As far as the idea that medical care is a right, but it’s not actually a good or a service, this is a way to make things less plentiful. If you declare things rights, but you don’t actually incentivize the creation of those things, you don’t get more of them,” he continued.

“The South African constitution has a right in there that health care is a right, that housing is a right. The fact is that you don’t have good housing or health care in South Africa because just declaring things rights does not make them appear. What makes more things appear is a market-based system that creates more doctors, that creates more medical care, that creates more incentive for people to join up,” he said. “This is why I say that it is better to treat things as goods, rather than rights, because declaring something a right just means that you have the right to steal it from me. But declaring something a good means that you get a market process that leads to lower prices and better care over time.”

The drubbing had Jameson, the world’s most famous adult film star and outspoken conservative, cheering.

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Several days prior to “destroying” Uygur, Shapiro noted that learning that Jameson was a fan of his was the most hilarious thing that happened to him on social media.


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