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Machete-wielding man duels with pedestrian armed with a trash can in a NYC street

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It is one of the dumbest fights you are ever going to see but possibly for that very reason, worth watching.

Where else do you get to see a random man armed with a machete doing battle against a stranger armed with a trash can but in a New York City street?

The bizarre altercation started when the driver of the vehicle, Louis Roman, 40, made a snide remark to a 35-year-old pedestrian that was looking at his phone, according to the New York Post.

Roman told the man to pay attention and flashed a gun clip, the Post reported.

Paul Tena, who witnessed the fight, started recording when the action got rolling.

Tena shared the video on social media where he was contacted by several news organizations asking questions about what he witnessed.

In the clip, Roman confronts the pedestrian as a female passenger attempts to get between the men and calm the situation.

Roman retreated to the car only to have the pedestrian attempt to get in, prompting Roman to go after him — for a second time — with the machete.

Roman swiped the blade at the man before it flung out of his hands. His opponent still armed with a trash can flung it at the angry driver.

The driver and pedestrian proceeded to engage in wild bare handed fisticuffs. Seemingly knowing the boxing wasn’t going to work, they paused for a moment in an awkward face-off before the two finally wised up and went their separate ways.

After the witness stop recording police arrived and apprehended Roman for menacing, assault criminal mischief and criminal possession of a weapon, according to the Post.

No charges were filed against the pedestrian.

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