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Satirist explains why millennials are the ‘most advanced crop of humans that our species has ever seen’

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Internet comedian and life coach JP Sears wants you to know that millennials are the most advanced humans that have ever been.

In a video on his Facebook page last week he mocked the lifestyle choices of today’s liberal, modern young people.

“I love to go out and meet up with friends so we can all sit together, looking down at our phones, and message other friends who aren’t there with us,” he deadpanned.

“I’m 55,” he said of his age. “According to my birthday I’m 33, but as a millennial I don’t identify with that age. It is discrimination to think that I’m as old as my age.”

Sears complained about the hardships of waiting a day to receive products from Amazon.com and on people calling him before they text him and ask him if they can.”

On dating, Sears has the answers.

“I have no problem getting the courage to ask a woman out, on Tinder,” he said. “And there’s no question that the best way to create a deep, heart felt connection with someone is to connect to their online dating profile, while I’m hiding behind a keyboard.”

And wait until you hear his thoughts on how hard work and determination are a form of abuse.

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