You can’t hold a baby AND make an amazing one-handed catch … and NOT sleep in the doghouse

This is the type of man that makes other men look like idiots.

On Wednesday a New York Mets fan at Dodger Stadium put a baby in jeopardy in order to catch a foul ball hit his way, and the baby’s mom was none too happy.

Video captured the man as he jumped to catch the ball and in the process nearly dropped the infant.

And even though he did manage to make the one handed catch, despite fumbling with the ball, it may be a Pyrrhic victory for his personal life.

The video showed the baby’s mother snatching the youngster from the man’s hands immediately after the catch as he pleaded with her.

“You are not qualified to hold the baby anymore,” Mets’ announcer Gary Cohen said.

Social media weighed in on the grab and it may mark the first time in 2017 that Keith Olbermann made a statement everyone can agree with.

It’s been a rough year for the Mets, and the team’s fans. In addition to a record far below where experts predicted they would be, on the first day of June the team mascot, Mr. Met” gave fans the middle finger. In March a player was photographed with a sex toy in his locker in a tweet the team sent to the public, and now this man.

But many on social media thought the mom made too big a deal of it.

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