FORMER President Obama butts in healthcare debate, slams it as a ‘massive transfer of wealth’

Former President Obama has made it known that he will not afford his successor the courtesy former President George W. Bush afforded him.

As he watches his legacy get taken apart brick by brick, the 44th president has broken recent tradition and been extremely vocal about his disdain for the administration of President Donald Trump.

On Thursday he continued that theme when he lashed out at the new healthcare bill introduced in the Senate to replace Obamacare.

“I recognize that repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act has become a core tenet of the Republican Party,” he wrote on Facebook. “Still, I hope that our Senators, many of whom I know well, step back and measure what’s really at stake, and consider that the rationale for action, on health care or any other issue, must be something more than simply undoing something that Democrats did.”

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The former president said the GOP version was “not a health care bill.”

“It’s a massive transfer of wealth from middle-class and poor families to the richest people in America,” he said. “It hands enormous tax cuts to the rich and to the drug and insurance industries, paid for by cutting health care for everybody else. Those with private insurance will experience higher premiums and higher deductibles, with lower tax credits to help working families cover the costs, even as their plans might no longer cover pregnancy, mental health care, or expensive prescriptions. Discrimination based on pre-existing conditions could become the norm again. Millions of families will lose coverage entirely.”

“Transfer of wealth?” Who’s he kidding?

Because liberal politicians believe it belongs to them. Ever notice how they call confiscated tax money… “revenue”?

The former president, as all Democrats have been doing, pushed the idea that his healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act, had input from Republicans and Americans and wasn’t forced upon them.

And he urged citizens to contact their Congresspersons to fight against the Republican legislation.

The former president insisted that some things aren’t about politics, right before he made it about politics, and social media noticed.

Others excoriated former President Obama for Obamacare itself.

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Carmine Sabia


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