Democrats pray before game? CNN’s divisive take on bipartisan moment of unity astounds

Even in light of a national tragedy like the shooting of a Republican congressman, CNN cannot help but be partisan and divisive.

The network tweeted a photo of bipartisan lawmakers praying for Rep. Steve Scalise’s recovery before Thursday’s charity baseball game, but only gave credit to Democrats.

The video shows both Republicans and Democrats engaged in a pre-game moment of unity,  but CNN found no need to mention the Republican’s presence.

Compare that to Fox News’ Fox Nation who credited both parties.

DOJ sends Twitter into tailspin with cryptic warning not to trust stories with ‘anonymous’ sources

And then they wonder why the nation is as divided as it is.

Many on social media decided to set them straight.

They corrected it within the thread, not with the same type of publicity they spread the first, fake news tweet with.

Alex Jones vows to release HIS OWN secretly recorded Megyn Kelly interview in retaliation for ‘hit piece’

It gets in the way of propaganda.

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Carmine Sabia


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