Saudi Arabia does some funky things with Trump tweets … and libs are afraid he’ll bring the ideas home

President Donald Trump’s tweets are big in Saudi Arabia.

Really big.

As billboards featuring President Trump and Saudi King Salman with the caption “Together We Prevail!” peppered the kingdom, one billboard stood out above them.

A billboard in downtown Riyadh that featured a tweet from the president.

The tweet in question, not too visible in the picture because of the conditions, was this one from Saturday.

The billboard was corroborated by others on social media.

Not surprisingly the haters still found things to complain about.

He never said that. But you have to hang on to something to support your narrative.

Why are liberals this angry?

This tweet basically sums it up.

Whereas formerwhen he visited the nation, they are rolling out the red carpet for President Trump.

That has to sting.

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Carmine Sabia


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