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Man claims he was only ‘venting’ when he threatened to shoot GOP congresswoman between the eyes

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An Arizona man who threatened to kill a congresswoman is in a ton of trouble for what he claims was merely him “venting anger” while being drunk.

Steve Martan, who works as a campus monitor at Tuscon’s Miles Exploratory Learning Center, told Congresswoman Martha McSally that her “days were numbered.”

In voicemails left for the congresswoman, Martan threatened to shoot McSally between the eyes, according to the FBI, the Tucson Sentinel reported.

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In the first message left for the congresswoman, Martan said “If I could ring your f***ing neck (sic). You need to get back from where you came from and leave Arizona,” according to the Sentinel.

In the second voicemail he said “Yeah Martha, our sights are set on you, right between the eyes.”

“Be careful when you come back to Tucson cause we hate you here, okay,” he added before he said he “can’t wait to f***ing pull the trigger b**ch,” the Tucson Sentinel reported.

And in the third message Martan said “Yeah Martha, your days are numbered.”

In an interview with the Tuscon Sentinel he said he was under the influence of alcohol and that he “just want(s) to say sorry to Martha and the great people of Southern Arizona.”

Martan said he was merely “venting” because of McSally’s tendency to agree with, and vote with, President Trump.

In a statement, McSally’s office called the threats a “wake up call.”

“Threatening to shoot a member of Congress between the eyes and stating that her days are numbered is sickening. It is especially sickening here in southeastern Arizona because we know, perhaps better than any congressional district in the country, what happens when threats of violence become acts of violence,” the statement read.

“The January 2011 shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was followed by a national discussion about the importance of civility and respectfulness in our public debates.”

Martan has been released and is on house arrest as he awaits his next court appearance.

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