Sessions alerts US attorneys, calls for sweeping changes to obliterate Obama’s soft-on-crime policies

The days of going soft on law breakers are over.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent a letter out on Thursday to 94 U.S. attorneys telling them to pursue the most serious charges they can against the majority of criminals, Fox News reported.

The decision will result in longer prison sentences because of the mandatory minimum sentences it will trigger.

“The Sessions Memo,” as it has been called, instructed the federal prosecutors to “charge and pursue the most serious and readily provable offense.”

It is in stark contrast to former Attorney General Eric Holder who, as a member of the Obama administration, instructed prosecutors to adhere to a “smart on crime” policy that advised prosecutors to be lenient on low-level drug crimes.

Conservatives were excited about the return of law and order.

Chief among them was Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

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Liberals, on the other hand, whined.

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That is some Olympic level gymnastics to get to that fear mongering.

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Carmine Sabia


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