GOP rep interrupted with shouts of ‘shame!’ as he tries to relay story of his deceased 11-yr-old daughter

Liberals have no sense of manners or decorum in their zeal to bash President Donald Trump and his policies.

New Jersey Republican Rep. Tom MacArthur who helped save the president’s healthcare bill, was heckled by liberals in the crowd as he told the story of his deceased 11-year-old daughter At a town hall on Wednesday.

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“I want to go back to my daughter,” MacArthur began.

“Shame!” a heckler interrupted among moans and groans. “We’ve heard this before,” protested another.

“I will say, shame on you right now, actually,” the representative snapped back. “Don’t tell me what I’m using. I’m going to tell you because this affects my perspective. It affects my perspective on this issue of health care.”

MacArthur showed courage as he held the town hall in a heavily Democrat town where he noted the president only won nine percent of the vote.

And he stayed and took abuse from the hostile crowd for over five hours.

One of his constituents made a spectacle as he screamed, yelled and carried on attacking the representative for several minutes.

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“You have been the single greatest threat to my family in the entire world. You are the reason I stay up at night. You are the reason that I can’t sleep,” certified medical assistant Geoff Ginter, 47, said in an 11-minute speech that sounded more like he was attempting to win an Academy Award than confront a Congressman, reported.

“You came for my wife,” he said. “I will not forgive. I will not forget.”

It was the “MacArthur Amendment” the representative authored that helped to save the ACHA by covering pre-existing conditions. His daughter was in part the inspiration for his passion.

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“Fox & Friends” highlighted the moment on Twitter where it got a lot of play:

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