First American city dispenses heroin needles in vending machines, Harry Reid must be so proud!

Sin City is about to make getting high a whole lot easier.

The city has decided to dispense clean needles in vending machines for heroin users.

“Having access to clean syringes is a harm-reduction approach that’s going to allow people to protect themselves against getting communicable diseases such as HIV and hepatitis C,” Trac-B Exchange program manager Chelsi Cheatom said, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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The kits dispensed from the machines are going to include alcohol swabs, a tourniquet, bandages and a container to properly dispose of used needles – because everyone knows how conscientious someone who just shot heroin into their veins is about proper disposal of needles.

The kit will also contain information about drug treatment facilities.

“The debate over whether syringe exchanges are beneficial has long been settled,” Deputy Director of Planning and Policy at the Harm Reduction Coalition, Daniel Raymond, told NBC News. “The issue now is more, what method is appropriate for my community?”

Not shooting heroin seems to work well.

“It’s a philosophy of service at the front end, and adjusting the way we look at drug users,” Executive Director at New York Harm Reduction Educators, Liz Evans, said. “Too often we fail to see drug users as human beings, and they become defined by that and get called all these names like junkies and addicts. It becomes harder as a society to respond to them with kindness.”

Not everyone was thrilled with the idea.

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