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Russian warship heads toward 2 U.S. Navy destroyers that launched attack on Syria

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A day after President Donald Trump ordered the launch of 59 tomahawk missiles into Syria Russia is responding.

A Russian warship entered the Eastern Mediterranean and headed towards the two U.S. Navy destroyers that launched the attack, Fox News reported.

The move came hours after the Kremlin issued a statement condemning, what it called, the United States’ “act of aggression” against the Russian ally.

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The Admiral Grigorovich RFS-494, armed with Kalibr cruise missiles, was headed to the port of Tartus on what it called routine voyage, according to Russian state news agency TASS.

“The Russian ship armed with cruise missiles Kalibr will visit the logistics base in Tartus, Syria,” a Russian military-diplomatic source told TASS.

In the meantime, one of the U.S. destroyers involved in the Syrian airstrikes has left to an undisclosed location will reportedly be rearmed.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Russia either “complicit” or “incompetent” in allowing the chemical gas attack on the Syrian people by the Assad regime.

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