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‘Blue Bloods,’ the most popular cop show on tv, mocks liberals’ foolish little ‘going green’ cop car initiative

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A hilarious scene in Friday’s episode of the CBS hit drama “Blue Bloods” should serve as a warning about where to draw the line with going green.

In the scene from the series’ milestone 150th episode “A Deep Blue Goodbye,” officers Jamie Reagan, played by Will Estes and Edit “Eddie” Janko, played by Vanessa Ray, are told that they have to use a Prius as part of the NYPD’s new Green Vehicle pilot program.

The officers hated the idea but they didn’t dare complain because they didn’t want to draw the ire of their superiors.

But, as the officers are called to the scene of an accident that was becoming violent, viewers were given an idea of exactly how well a green car might work in a real life situation.

As the team heads to the scene they are being kept up with by a man on a bike. And when they arrive no one takes them seriously.

As they attempt to break up the fight one combatant tells them, “Y’all can’t be real cops.”

“Yes, we are.” Officer Reagan replied.

“What, driving that thing?” the other man said.

But the most hilarious part was when the officers looked back at the car that was being rocked back and forth by bystanders.

“Get off the car! Get off the car!” Officer Janko yelled as the crowd sat on the ridiculous looking car taking selfies.

With a mayor like Bill de Blasio this scene isn’t too far fetched.

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