Sean Hannity issues challenge and warning to hypocrite Ted Koppel: Release my whole interview!

Sean Hannity has issued a challenge to veteran newsman Ted Koppel after he aired a snippet of an interview with the Fox News host.

Koppel did a piece on why America is divided, focused nearly exclusively on conservative news outlets, like Hannity, as the culprits causing the divide.

In the piece Koppel told Hannity he was “bad for America” and, while he fought back, Hannity didn’t take on Koppel with the passion that his audience is accustomed to seeing.

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Hannity says that’s because his interview, which he said was originally 45 minutes, was heavily edited and “fake news.”

He then issued a challenge, daring Koppel and CBS to release the entire interview.

He also noted the hypocrisy of Koppel who gave his opinion while berating opinion shows.

But it looks like, not surprisingly, Hannity is set to fire back, guns blazing after he tweeted this ominous warning.

‘That’s sad, Ted’: Sean responds to Ted Koppel telling him to his face, ‘Hannity is bad for America’

Stay tuned indeed.

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Carmine Sabia


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