‘Honey’: ‘He’s trying to protect you, dumb snowflake, while Schumer is on TV crying like a little biotch’

A black woman took to social media to deliver a shot of reality on behalf of her “conservative brothers and sisters” to “snowflakes” that don’t understand President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban.

“You don’t seem to understand snowflakes, this is about America first, not open borders,” she said. “Why don’t you petition to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates to start taking in these refugees who live right where they are so that they can continue to adopt and practice their own culture and be around people who are just like them?”

When 11,000 air traffic controllers called his bluff, President Reagan fired all of them–it’s called leadership

She said that America doesn’t need to keep bringing in these refugees because it “does not work.”

“We don’t need to bring hordes and hordes of people here from countries who have ideologies and beliefs different from ours and expect them to just get along by handing them a bottle of Dasani water and a rice cake. It does not work that way. Ask Paris, France.”

She explained that the president is working to keep criminal aliens out of America for the good of its citizens.

“He’s trying to protect you dumb snowflake … while (Sen.) Chuck Schumer is on TV crying like a little biotch,” she said.

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Carmine Sabia


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