‘No way in hell’ Mattis approves of travel ban, cries Dem lawmaker; who wants to break the truth to him?

Democrat Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton made a big stretch on Sunday when he decided to speak for Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis.

“There is no way in hell that “Mattis is supportive of this,” the representative told ABC’s “This Week” but he offered no proof. “He relied on translators for his life, just like I did. He understands what it means to put your life in the hands of an Iraqi or an Afghan.”

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Interesting,  because when President Trump signed the executive order on the travel ban, Secretary Mattis literally stood right behind him.

Watch the video. Sec. Mattis is behind Trump and claps after the president signs the order.

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Others on social media took the representative to task for presuming he knows what Mattis thinks.

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Carmine Sabia


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