CNN needs a panel of NINE to call Trump a liar? Smug Don Lemon leads odd attack

In the ongoing war between President Donald Trumps’ administration and the media, CNN is jockeying to be the Don Lemongeneral of the anti-Trump army.

On Saturday Don Lemon and his merry band of Trump-haters teed off on and Press Secretary Sean Spicer and outright called them liars.

The panel began by focusing on Spicer’s press conference in which he blamed the media for falsely reporting how many people watched Trump’s inauguration.

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Pictures showed that the crowd for Trump’s inauguration did look smaller than President Obama’s in 2009, though the press secretary included people watching on TV and online around the world.

It’s a minor issue but that didn’t stop Lemon and his panel from treating it like Watergate II.

“I think the bigger issue is lying to the American people,” Lemon said. “We have a responsibility to have an informed electorate and he is misinforming the American people and misleading them.”

Now you have a responsibility to keep the electorate informed? Now you are concerned about a president lying to the American people?

Spicer’s first WH press conference made jaws drop globally; media still stinging, say he went too far.

For eight years the mainstream media covered for everything President Obama said.

Not so-called lies about crowd sizes. False statements like the one where you were going to be able to keep your doctor.

Or the one where he said “Fast & Furious” was started during the President Bush administration.

In a separate shot of irony, the panel of eight men and one woman was what CNN assembled to discuss the Women’s March on Saturday. Social media took notice to the epic fail.


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