Inmates train wild horses to use for border patrol under successful prison program

Prisoners from several states are participating in a program where they learn skills and make a contribution to the safety of America.

The Wild Horse Inmate Program sees inmates help train Mustangs that eventually are adopted by America’s border patrol giving them inexpensive, but agile horses, Reuters reported.

Brian Tierce, a 49-year-old inmate serving a seven-year sentence for domestic violence and assault, said the program has taught him “a lot of things I didn’t know I had in me – patience, perseverance, kindness, understanding.”

“I’ve got to be a compromising person, otherwise I’ll never get this job done,” he said.

Around 80 percent of the patrol’s 400 horses come from prison programs in Colorado, Arizona, Kansas and Nevada and are used for patrolling the rugged terrain along the Southern border, Reuters reported.

The cost is between $500 to $800 per horse.

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