Judging from this tweet, James Woods is not too happy about ‘weasel’ Holder keeping tabs on Trump

After taking a break from Twitter, actor James Woods has come roaring back to social media with his conservative tweets and this time it looks like he is none too happy that the state of California has hired “little weasel” Eric Holder to fight the incoming Trump administration.

California Democrats recently announced that they have hired former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder as an outside counsel to help them craft legal challenges to anything and everything President Donald J. Trump wants to do as he takes the reins in Washington, Fox News reported.

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That announcement sent Woods to his Twitter account:

Eric Holder is considered to have run the most politicized Department of Justice in U.S. history. And his left-wing activism continues, too. Recently he was out advocating for the dismantling of our over 200-year-old election system because his favored candidate didn’t win the White House.

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Needless to say, many of James Woods’ fans were 100% on his side, especially with calling Holder a “weasel.”

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