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Ivanka’s hubby Jared just revealed the fascinating deal Team Hillary turned down in the heat of battle

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Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner told executives on Friday that the Trump campaign had a deal with a major media company to get straight, unskewed coverage.

Kushner said the campaign made a deal to give the Sinclair Broadcast Group more access to Trump and, in exchange, the group agreed to air Trump’s interviews without commentary, according to Politico.

Kushner said the deal was beneficial to them because Sinclair reaches a bigger audience in places like Ohio than CNN does, Politico reported.

In a statement, Sinclair’s Vice President Scott Livingston said Hillary Clinton was offered the same deal but her campaign declined.

“Our promise was to give all candidates an opportunity to voice their position share their position with our viewers. Certainly, we presented an opportunity so that Mr. Trump could clearly state his position on the key issues,” he said, “Our commitment to our viewers is to go beyond podium, beyond the rhetoric. We’re all about tracking the truth and telling the truth and that’s typically missing in most political coverage.”

Kushner added that the Trump campaign confronted CNN president Jeff Zucker over what it felt were unfair panels on the network but Zucker would not change the panel makeup, according to a source who spoke to Politico.

The campaign then decided not to work as closely with CNN, and Trump ramped up his bashing of the cable network.

Two people present said that they were surprised how much Kushner talked about CNN. “He kept going on and on about it,” one business executive said.

He also told the crowd that Google and Facebook are now more powerful, and that The New York Times and CNN aren’t as powerful.

A CNN spokesperson declined to comment.

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