Trump fights back: Imagine if she won and WE tried to play the Russia/CIA card?

Donald Trump is fighting back against the insinuation that his election was made possible by Russian hacking.

‘I think it’s ridiculous’: Trump’s not buying Russia’s interference in the election, and he’s not budging

The president-elect tweeted on Monday that if he had lost the election and said it was the fault of Russia it would have been called a “conspiracy theory.”

Trump also expressed incredulity at the idea of intelligence agencies being able to determine that there was a hack and pinpoint the culprit so quickly.

Claims of Russian hacking of the DNC and leaking those hacks to Wikileaks is the latest attempt by Democrats to blame anyone other than their severely flawed candidate for losing the presidential election.

Incoming Chief of Staff Reince Priebus lashed out at NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday in a heated interview when Todd insisted that Priebus admit the Russian’s helped Trump become president.

Forget the interference, here’s WHY Russian President Putin wanted Trump, not Clinton

And experts slammed one former CIA agent who suggested an election do-over, after a recount failed spectacularly, as the next idea to undo the Trump victory.

At what point do Democrats accept the election results?

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