Whoa, what’s this? Mark Cuban stuns with major about-face on Donald Trump

Mark Cuban‘s come a long way since Election Day, baby.

Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, was one of Donald Trump’s most vicious critics during the campaign but now that the election is over and Trump won, suddenly Cuban has done an about-face, saying that maybe we should all just calm down and wait until Trump takes the oath of office before we criticize him.

He even called Trump the nation’s “number one draft pick.”

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The NBA owner and reality TV show star appeared on CNBC’s “Fast Money Halftime Report,” and said Trump hasn’t even “played a game yet,” so we should just wait to see what he does.

“He’s who we put our hopes and dream with. Now it is easier because we haven’t played a game yet,” Cuban said. “No reason to rush to judgment or come to any conclusions now. Let’s see what happens starting January 21st and we’ll go from there. I hope he’s a superstar.”

The billionaire also warned that Twitter isn’t as pervasive as the media leads people to believe, so we shouldn’t worry over much of what Trump tweets. Cuban noted that Twitter doesn’t reach everyone despite what the media might assume. He even noted that many of those with high numbers of followers don’t really have that many real people following them.

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“If I have 6 million followers, probably 40 percent of those are bots, probably another 20 percent are overseas, and another 80 percent aren’t going to see any given tweet anyways,” he said.

Cuban added that Twitter reaches people in different ways. Some see it actually on Twitter, others only read about what happened on Twitter when they see it mentioned at other media sites.

He also refused to discuss what he said to Trump White House Strategist Stephen Bannon in that famous revelation that they met in a New York coffee shop.

Yes, this is a far, far different Mark Cuban than we saw during the campaign.

You might recall that Cuban insisted that if Trump were elected “the stock market will crash.” Yeah, not so much.


That was far from the only criticism Cuban uttered about the real estate mogul and now President-Elect.

In July, Cuban gave a foul-mouthed and uniformed endorsement of Hilary, earlier Cuban called Trump a liar and said Trump wasn’t really a billionaire, and even claimed Trump was purposefully trying to f**k the country.

But now, all of a sudden, Trump is our “number one draft pick.” And with his sudden softening on Trump, Cuban is courting all sorts of jeers.

Below is an interview where Cuban said how much he enjoyed provoking “thin-skinned” Trump.

What a difference an election can make!

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