Megyn Kelly: It’s dangerous, ‘Americans aren’t listening to what the press tells them’ – because Trump!

Megyn Kelly fired another shot against Donald Trump during an NPR radio appearance on Wednesday.

The Fox News host said the president-elect’s continued critique of the mainstream media represents a “dangerous phase” for the nation because it might cause the public to believe less of what it hears in the news.

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Perhaps if the media didn’t push false narratives, like the “hands up don’t shoot” lie in Ferguson that caused riots, or polls that suggest a presidential contender has no chance in an election he wins weeks later, people might believe them more.

Kelly is convinced that the blame lies with Trump.

“I think it’s dangerous,” she told NPR’s “Fresh Air” host Terry Gross. “People … need good, strong, skeptical journalists to be covering whoever it is — whether it’s Barack Obama or President Donald Trump — and we’re in a dangerous phase right now, where too many millions of Americans aren’t listening at all to what the press tells them.”

Kelly also said that she believes Trump uses his Twitter account to distract the public from stories in the mainstream press that he doesn’t want people to focus on.

Ironically in the same interview where Kelly said Trump ought to limit his speech, she called the president-elect a danger to the First Amendment.

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“Donald Trump and the First Amendment, it’s not a beautiful match; it’s not a match made in heaven,” she said. “Between the free speech rights that he has not defended and the freedom of the press, which he has not defended, it’s problematic.”

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