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GQ mag calls Leo DiCaprio a ‘HERO’ for the gift he just gave to Ivanka Trump; she would likely disagree

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GQ magazine published a laugh-inducing headline calling actor Leonardo DiCaprio a “hero” for giving President-Elect Donald Trump’s daughter a DVD about global warming. Yes, they really said “hero.”

Yes, they really said “hero.”

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The men’s magazine published a headline screaming, “Leonardo DiCaprio heroically gifts Ivanka Trump a DVD about climate change.”

And they are serious. That wasn’t a joke headline. At least the article seems to be seriously praising Leo for his actions.

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It appears there is a reason magazines like GQ have decided to eliminate the comments section on articles. But people jumped to Twitter to ridicule the magazine for its idiotic claim that this diminutive actor is an actual, gosh darn “hero” for pushing his globaloney on Ivanka Trump.

A plethora of tweets appeared to ridicule the magazine.

… and why not? If giving someone a DVD is “heroic” then just about any ol’ thing is heroic, right?

Oh, but there is more…



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