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City attorney sips wine and helps spray anti-Trump graffiti – has no clue he’s on camera

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A Philadelphia attorney is going to need a lawyer himself after he let his hatred for President-elect Donald Trump outweigh his common sense.

Duncan Lloyd, who works for the city of Philadelphia as an assistant solicitor, was caught on video drinking a glass of wine while he filmed another man spray paint “F**k Trump” on a newly opened grocery store, Philly.com reported.

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Lloyd has not been arrested and is still employed by the city.

“It’s still working out. It’s certainly hateful and inappropriate and unacceptable…but people are human beings and they make mistakes and it’s a dumb mistake,” Democrat Mayor Jim Kenney said. “It’s hateful graffiti, hateful graffiti is never acceptable whether it’s a city employee or not.”

But Lloyd is not out of the woods yet as Craig Straw, the city’s first deputy solicitor, said the investigation is ongoing.

“We do not condone this type of behavior from our employees,” he said. “To my knowledge, Mr. Lloyd has already contacted the Philadelphia police and is cooperating with them. We will decide on a course of action once we obtain more information about the investigation.”

Philadelphia’s Republican Party doesn’t believe there is anything to wait for.

“If the image of an upper-middle-class city attorney clad in a blazer and sipping wine while vandalizing an upscale grocery store with an anti-Trump message strikes you as perhaps the most bourgeois sight imaginable, that’s because it is,” Philadelphia Republican Party Chairman Joe DeFelice said.

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“Did the extra glass of Shiraz give him some sort of delusional confidence that there are no cameras on Germantown Avenue? The taxpayers should be entrusting exactly none of our faith into this man. He should be fired from our city’s Law Department immediately.”

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