It’s on! Trump complains about ‘equal time’ after new SNL skit, provokes Alec Baldwin’s harsh reply

Alec Baldwin has made it clear that Donald Trump won’t receive fair treatment on “Saturday Night Live.”

The liberal actor appeared to reply to a tweet sent by Trump on Sunday in which the president-elect called for “equal time” on the sketch comedy show that isn’t known to hide its liberal bias.

The ABFoundation is an account used by Baldwin for personal tweets, according to the Hill.

The election is over is, perhaps, a message better served to Baldwin’s liberal Hollywood friends who don’t seem to get it.

His comments came after he reprised his role as Trump on the show the night before.

Unlike previous president parodies on SNL, Baldwin’s portrayal drips with malevolence and resentment.

Baldwin’s insisted that he was done playing the role a week ago when he was still sore over the election results, but he previously left the door opened to return.

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Carmine Sabia


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