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Seattle Socialist councilwoman vows to shut down Inauguration Day with nationwide protests

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“On Inauguration Day, we are going to shut it down!”

Before Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States, all the talk was if he and his followers would accept — in the minds of mainstream media — the inevitable result of Hillary Clinton’s election.

It’s a shame no one took the time to ask Democrats the same question, as a Seattle councilwoman is the latest on the sour grapes train.

Kshama Sawant, a socialist who had the fortune of running for office in one of the only cities in America that would elect a socialist, told a crowd of anti-Trump protesters that she had bigger plans in mind for them.

Even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews thinks the anti-Trump protesters are wrong: ‘They lost.’

“I appeal to you, [Wednesday] at 4 o’clock, at Westlake [Park], let’s have a massive protest, and tell America we do not accept a racist agenda,” Sawant told the protesters. “And let’s make sure on Inauguration Day … let’s do a nationwide shutdown.”

The protest where Sawant was speaking was organized by a group called the Socialist Alternative, Mynorthwes.com reported.

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