Could American Airlines pilot lose his job after blaming Obama for delay – Oh, and his Trump sticker?

A hypersensitive NBC News reporter might have cost an American Airlines pilot his job.

The pilot, who appears to be a fan of Donald Trump, told passengers that President Obama was the cause of their flight delay which set off dainty flower Anthony Terrell.

How dare he blame the President for the delay?

Oh, so it was the president’s fault? But still, the pilot did have that triggering sticker. Good thing American Airlines is on the case and ready to rake this pilot over the coals for insulting Terrell’s liberal sensibilities.

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Terrell got a ton of backlash for his tweets.

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Yes, but he did have that Trump sticker!

Other outraged “thought police” wannabes demanded American Airlines take action against the pilot.

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Carmine Sabia


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