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NFL player learns the hard way, no hugging the ref in football! ‘Maybe this is why your ratings are down’

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There’s no hugging in football!

At least according to the official who flagged Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas after he celebrated a recovered a fumble he ran for a touchdown by hugging the side judge, Adam Kemp.

Kemp immediately flagged Thomas for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Thomas didn’t know he was penalized until after the game.

“I just found out they penalized me for that,” he told reporters.

“I’m having fun, just excited about the moment. I only live three hours away from here. I’m just thinking, like, ‘Man, everybody back home just saw me score.’ You never know what happens when you go into these games, and then the ball goes your way. Just an exciting moment. That’s just how I celebrated.”

Many on social media thought the penalty was ridiculous too.

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