Last night wasn’t the first time Newt Gingrich took Megyn Kelly to school. Remember this?

Tuesday wasn’t the first time Newt Gingrich took Megyn Kelly to school.

During the 2011 Republican presidential primaries, Kelly questioned the former House speaker on his plan to impeach federal judges who are activists on the court.

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“You have proposed a plan to subpoena judges to testify before Congress about controversial decisions that they make. In certain cases, you advocate impeaching judges or abolishing courts altogether. Two conservative former attorneys general have criticized your plan, saying it alters the checks and balances of the three branches of government. And they used words like ‘dangerous,’ ‘outrageous,’ and ‘totally irresponsible.’ Are they wrong?” Kelly asked.

“Well, the first half is right. It alters the balance, because the courts have become grotesquely dictatorial, far too powerful, and I think, frankly, arrogant in their misreading of the American people,” Gingrich replied.

EPIC SMACKDOWN! Newt Gingrich stands up to Megyn Kelly like nobody has before; tempers explode.

“These are conservative former attorneys generals who have criticized the plan, as I say, dangerous, ridiculous, outrageous, totally irresponsible,” Kelly pressed.

“Sure. I’d ask, first of all, have they studied Jefferson, who in 1802 abolished 18 out of 35 federal judges? Eighteen out of 35 were abolished,” Gingrich said.

“Something that was highly criticized,” Kelly retorted.

“Not by anybody in power in 1802,” he shot back.

Check and mate.

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