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‘Don’t go there!’ Black Trump supporter lays the smack down on Clinton backer in FIERY debate

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The mood wasn’t too friendly on “Fox & Friends” Monday when a black Donald Trump supporter and a black Hillary Clinton supporter squared off.

After condescendingly laughing at pro-Trump Brunell Donald-Kyei after she said “God bless you and God bless America,” Clinton backer and Democratic strategist Brian Benjamin spent the first portion of his interview explaining how Clinton is, in fact, a hot sauce aficionado while he simultaneously claimed she wasn’t pandering to black voters.

Host Steve Doocy pressed the point that a recent Wikileaks email showed the Clinton campaign considering having the Democrat nominee use a “yo momma” joke.

“We want jobs! We want better schools! We want improvement in our communities! We want investment in our communities!” Donald-Kyei said. “We don’t want hot sauce! We don’t want ‘yo momma jokes!’ We want black empowerment that’s what we want!”

Benjamin tried to argue that Trump isn’t paying attention to issues between the police and the black community, but Donald-Kyei was having none of it.

“Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton were a big part of that with that crimes bill in 1994! You know that,” she shot back. “Mass incarceration happened under Bill Clinton and his wife was ok with that so don’t go there! They’re trying to fix a problem that they started? Let Donald Trump fix it.”

Benjamin had no answer for those charges and thus reverted to calling Trump a racist but, again, Donald-Kyei, was ready for him.

“Not a loser and taco bowl and needy Latinos, really? Are we going there?” she fired back, referencing terms purportedly used by Clinton campaign in officials, according to Wikileaks emails. Catholics are bastardized? Are we going there?”

“Yeah, let’s go there,” Benjamin said.

“I will,” Donald-Kyei said. “Wikileaks has put it all in the street, sir. I read Wikileaks. I read about the corruption.”

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