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There’s more to the Rasmussen poll showing Trump up by 2 points – and it’s not good news for Hillary

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A Rasmussen poll released Thursday showed Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton by two points, but that’s only the start of the bad news for the Democrat presidential nominee.

Despite the best efforts of the media to pile on Trump the poll showed the most likely voters to switch their allegiance are Clinton supporters.

A whopping 45 percent of Clinton voters told the polling agency that they can be swayed, compared to a paltry 28 percent of Trump supporters.

And the third-party candidate voters she might look to draw from are even more immovable with 23 percent of Gary Johnson supporters stating they could switch to another candidate and a microscopic 5 percent of Jill Stein voters who said they could change their vote.

This election is likely to be a roller coaster ride to the bitter end.

Carmine Sabia


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